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I was live on stage on Facebook in Oslo, Norway tonight, shootin’ a shot with the locals! It was too fun not to share on AM-posts! Check it out...
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Shandele Broyles
Shandele Broyles Ամիս առաջ
I loved Erling. I would like to know what you thought of the rotten fish?? Jefafa
Brad Boit
Brad Boit Ամիս առաջ
Ayden Rivera
Ayden Rivera 5 ամիս առաջ
This is awsome
Ørjan Karlseng Albriktsen
Ørjan Karlseng Albriktsen 5 ամիս առաջ
You are truly a professional... The way you interact with this Norwegian audience is magnificent..! You do not come unprepared... Love your humor, your way of interaction and your fine personality..! Stay safe, Jeff... ...and all you other great people out there..! :)
Carol C.
Carol C. 5 ամիս առաջ
Very cool Jeff. Loved the people of Oslo.
Nora Adams-Mangan
Nora Adams-Mangan 6 ամիս առաջ
The fist will pick up the elements of the Earth that we do need.
Mona J
Mona J 8 ամիս առաջ
That security guy is hot. And this is very funny
TheDarkAngel 8 ամիս առաջ
Xantippa1000 Տարի առաջ
Lutfisk + Akvavit is so common here in Sweden as well. But. The story about the fish is not really that true.. lol. but I agree. Doesn't taste good.. IMO. So good this! And so, so funny! Thanks Jeff! :D Loved every second of it.
Debbie Sue Overton
Debbie Sue Overton Տարի առաջ
I agree 💯% about Jeff Dunham being a showman
WildMunchies Տարի առաջ
i was at that show with a friend! laughed our asses off
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide Տարի առաջ
"It Fucks You" How lovely.
Fredrick Faraj
Fredrick Faraj Տարի առաջ
Erling deserves to be on the next tour with you...he is a natural comedian...
Flaming_Arrow 2 տարի առաջ
I was there! =D
tsfcancerman 2 տարի առաջ
Damnit, didnt know you were here
SheiMa Dagatantan Johansen
SheiMa Dagatantan Johansen 2 տարի առաջ
Come back to Norway please🙏🙏🙏 I didn't get to see your show 😞 i love your work❤️
LamAnd82 2 տարի առաջ
damnit!!! Norway WINS!!!
chuck grable
chuck grable 2 տարի առաջ
All the Minnesotan eat lutefisk
Lasse Muller
Lasse Muller 2 տարի առաջ
great fun
A Shot of Whiskey
A Shot of Whiskey 2 տարի առաջ
...fermented salmon? ...sounds kinda tasty.
Junkyard Jess
Junkyard Jess 2 տարի առաջ
Why couldn’t we have gone to that show
cristian avendano
cristian avendano 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff u should make a pirate dummy
nova archives
nova archives 2 տարի առաջ
Hey Jeff I just got home from school and I turn on the tv and I see you on the a and e channel so I had to tell you I love your vids btw
Kyrenaz Kanir
Kyrenaz Kanir 2 տարի առաջ
they didn't mention Norway's two nastiest dishes, "smalahove" and "rakfisk".
Tabby Scientia
Tabby Scientia 2 տարի առաջ
Omg that was so funny!
FireDramine7 2 տարի առաջ
Man ever since I discovered you a few years ago you have been my favourite ventriloquist. I love the way you handle situations even back in the day when e.g. Peanut fell off the table and the way you managed to talk while drinking. LOVE IT :)
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 2 տարի առաջ
Come to Mackinac Island in Michigan and I would love to hear what your characters would say and have Achmed love the Movie Somewhere In Time.
JesseQBS Gaming
JesseQBS Gaming 2 տարի առաջ
"We wait until the fish is completely rotten, the we enjoy it."
Well Made Bread
Well Made Bread 2 տարի առաջ
I know that guy
Spirit Wolf
Spirit Wolf 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff you really grossed out most of your audience when you ate the Lutefisk on stage at the Norsk Hostfest in North Dakota LOL
TheBlindMaster 2 տարի առաջ
Great show. I was there👍
poppy lyne
poppy lyne 2 տարի առաջ
i love him i went to the Fairborn show
Rylan_Schulz12 2 տարի առաջ
You are such a cool person I saw the show in Colorado Springs at my dads work it was amazing
Rylan_Schulz12 2 տարի առաջ
We need to talk
02Tiger01 2 տարի առաջ
Great show, had a blast with my family
lillemor thankefull
lillemor thankefull 2 տարի առաջ
thanks for making me laugh so much i havent had this much fun in many years i loved it jeff come back soon loved it and love your work you are the best :)
Demetra 2 տարի առաջ
I loved your show in Oslo!!! We cant wait to next time!! Lots of love, Norway 💜😂🇳🇴
nikita1971 2 տարի առաջ
Amazing Show !! Made the trip to Oslo from Switzerland with my best friend especially for you ! No other European dates were compatible with our schedule.. It was the BEST show E.V.E.R !!!!! Had a blast and an amazing weekend ! Keep up the great work, Jeff ! Greetings from Nyon, Switzerland :-)
Phillip Bonner
Phillip Bonner 2 տարի առաջ
Wait a minute who are you I commented to Jeff Dunham
Helge Alexander Kristiansen
Helge Alexander Kristiansen 2 տարի առաջ
i was there. awesome experience. me and my mum have been watching you for literall years. thank you for this experience of a life time. love from norway
J Temple
J Temple 2 տարի առաջ
Damit jeff u r to funny if i knew a word the describe more funny then god him self that would be u.
Prentice Sawtelle
Prentice Sawtelle 2 տարի առաջ
sucribe to me I don't have a AM-posts channel
The dip Master
The dip Master 2 տարի առաջ
I was at Jeff Dunham Show April 28th at Sunrise Florida it was hilarious he's very funny like Achmed the Dead Terrorist peanuts jalapeno on a stick and Bubba J and Walter
Rhys s
Rhys s 2 տարի առաջ
Your amazing
S C U M B A G 2 տարի առաջ
I remember seeing you at the nutter center in Ohio. It was so weird. The man I had watched on tv when I was little was now in the same room as me. There was a joke you told about gay Mexicans and them not liking tacos and it made me laugh so hard that I cried. So glad I got to see you preform!
Skt T1 Butter
Skt T1 Butter 2 տարի առաջ
d e v
d e v 2 տարի առաջ
Prentice Sawtelle
Prentice Sawtelle 2 տարի առաջ
that sounds gross Jeff yuk
Sherry Murray
Sherry Murray 2 տարի առաջ
You are so awesome. No one can do it like you. Thanks for all you do. We've missed you in Colorado!
Pasta Gang
Pasta Gang 2 տարի առաջ
Pasta Gang
Pasta Gang 2 տարի առաջ
Congrats ya got 90 subs now
haven hayes
haven hayes 2 տարի առաջ
My biggest fear is dolls and puppets but you make them not scary and im glad your great
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 2 տարի առաջ
Nice job jefufu
mvkugler 2 տարի առաջ
Where can you purchase this in the US. Doesn't appear on Amazon or Ebay
mvkugler 2 տարի առաջ
Would love a follow up video telling us the effects of Aquavit.
FISH ON WHEELS 2 տարի առաջ
I don't know why Everytime he wears same Black Shirt??? Is there any secret or requirement of the act?
lotsoffun 2 տարի առաջ
How fucking annoying would it be to go to a show, then to have a conedian that's so insecure about his fame, livestream the whole thing from his phone facing away from the audience?
Marie Klem
Marie Klem 2 տարի առաջ
sad I couldn't be there ;-; but I was soooo tired!!! bet it was great tho!!
Marie Klem
Marie Klem 2 տարի առաջ
yesss! come baaack I wanna see you!!!
CACAHUETE 2 տարի առաջ
U Soooooooo Gooddd
tallmanT14 2 տարի առաջ
to be continue?? i wanna see what happened after that drink.
Leeah Borge
Leeah Borge 2 տարի առաջ
It was really fun to see you again. I am an American living in Norway. My husband and I have seen you perform three times in Oslo!
David Hardin
David Hardin 2 տարի առաջ
And there all politicians
MarianneF 2 տարի առաջ
Now i know how to explain lutefisk to an american or english man haha this was too funny Erling, good job!
Phillip Bonner
Phillip Bonner 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff you pick the perfect guy be on stage with you he's pretty damn funny himself eating rotten fish that's going to be an experience
Demon hunter 2004
Demon hunter 2004 2 տարի առաջ
Hey!!! Welcome to norway!
Demon hunter 2004
Demon hunter 2004 2 տարի առաջ
KLCD DCLK alright I subscribed to you now 😁
marie paradiso
marie paradiso 2 տարի առաջ
Love how you bring us fans with you love the journey Je fafa ❤❤ you are amazing 🇨🇦
Greg Adams
Greg Adams 2 տարի առաջ
Like Arlington. Done.
Tony Cast
Tony Cast 2 տարի առաջ
Oh now I just have to know how the final act went. I am sure Achmed had to have made some mention of Jeff being "Drunk" on stage even if only from a single shot. That or one about it "Keeling" him later for not sharing.
Fluffy81 2 տարի առաջ
Thank you for an amazing show in Oslo.
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 2 տարի առաջ
Wish you‘d come to Germany
ILLUMINATI_isreal 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff you are an inspiration to me I've been watching your content for 11 years I started to watch when I was five
Eric Lindqvist
Eric Lindqvist 2 տարի առաջ
Where are you going next time
Eric Lindqvist
Eric Lindqvist 2 տարի առաջ
Now you have got another subscriber
sefhyro 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff you defently have to come to Porto in Portugal if you think that food was wierd wait until you eat pig intrails.... or like where i live called it tripas ha moda do Porto
Hogne Furumo
Hogne Furumo 2 տարի առաջ
Hi, Jeffy! Just wanted to say: Amazing show yesterday!
DARKKASSASSIN01 __ 2 տարի առաջ
Bring on the Sydney show
Levi Stultz
Levi Stultz 2 տարի առաջ
You should let peanut meet Ellen degenerous
BlackLucciolla 2 տարի առաջ
Please, come to Poland! :)
Jason Gunn
Jason Gunn 2 տարի առաջ
This is great! Arling looked like he had a blast!
Jason Gunn
Jason Gunn 2 տարի առաջ
Brianna Choate
Brianna Choate 2 տարի առաջ
love u jeff
John Kwiatkowski
John Kwiatkowski 2 տարի առաջ
I have family in Oslo, Norway. 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴
Nota Rookee
Nota Rookee 2 տարի առաջ
Erling has an awsome sense of humor.
jason todd
jason todd 2 տարի առաջ
Jef-fa duh HAM ARMY
jason todd
jason todd 2 տարի առաջ
Neat Your 100th sub
tigers9879 2 տարի առաջ
Would like to hear about afterwards what happened if it did screw you up,
jason todd
jason todd 2 տարի առաջ
tigers9879 same
BeastyBeauty 2 տարի առաջ
Akevitt is something we drink to fattening food, primarly in the Christmas time with a food called "mølje" or Christmas dinner. As it eats everything in your stomach xP
Elijah James
Elijah James 8 ամիս առաջ
The Inuit of Canada eat a fermented sea bird that they bury in the ground to rot.
Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3
Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3 2 տարի առաջ
YASSS But I'm late T?T
A C 2 տարի առաջ
This is awesome. Jeff be careful. Sterling may take ur job from u. 😂😂😂
Wenche 2 տարի առաջ
Bubba J must appruve of the akevitt then 😂
William Jordan
William Jordan 2 տարի առաջ
HAHAHA!!! Erling (sp?) makes a perfect strait guy in a comedy team! So funny! Great....Cheers
Justus Warner
Justus Warner 2 տարի առաջ
Please come to Pittsburgh sometime Jeff ffa hahaha
Justus Warner
Justus Warner 2 տարի առաջ
KLCD DCLK thanks and I subbed
LynxProd 2 տարի առաջ
This is the best live video yet! 🤣😂🤣
B A 2 տարի առաջ
Hi from Canada, it sounds like you are having one heck of a good time, and meeting a lot of great people .
Michael Lintern
Michael Lintern 2 տարի առաջ
Take sterling with you, or make a dummy like him
Susan Talbot
Susan Talbot 2 տարի առաջ
Michael Lintern That would be awesome!!! Sterling, the dead Viking meets Achmed, the dead terrorist 😂😂😂
Melanie Cronn
Melanie Cronn 2 տարի առաջ
That was hilarious! I'm Norwegian from my mom's side.
Adrian Sporstøl Ravelo
Adrian Sporstøl Ravelo Տարի առաջ
Im norwegian and spanish
mckt007 2 տարի առաջ
This is Awesome, Jeff! U a true showman! :D
Esther Castillo
Esther Castillo 2 տարի առաջ
Love it you're fun and funny😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖😂😂😂😂
Omega Perks
Omega Perks 2 տարի առաջ
Crazy Tech & Puppets
Crazy Tech & Puppets 2 տարի առաջ
I'm from Detroit. I have your Achmed doll from Goldberger I've used in a Welcome Back, Kotter, puppet parody. I also have your Little Jeff. I'm retired.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 2 տարի առաջ
I hear that the band A-ha is from Oslo Norway.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 2 տարի առաջ
Ricky James
Ricky James 2 տարի առաջ
You're the best.
Greg G Formally Black Dot
Greg G Formally Black Dot 2 տարի առաջ
This was great! Thanks for sharing Jeff!
Jonathan Kennedy
Jonathan Kennedy 2 տարի առաջ
It’s a flesh wound
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