LIVE FROM PHILLY! Walter and Jeff discuss Valentines Day! | JEFF DUNHAM

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Jeff Dunham

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Click here to watch: "Some of the Best of Jeff Dunham's AM-posts Channel - Halloween Pt. 3 of 3 | JEFF DUNHAM" --~--
We're live from the "city of brotherly love" and the home of Super Bowl champs, the Philidelphia Eagles! Walter has a few thoughts on Valentine's Day! Check it out!
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Lahly Bird
Lahly Bird 8 ամիս առաջ
I have never heard of Happy V D
David_Rice #NerdsComeOutToPlay
David_Rice #NerdsComeOutToPlay Տարի առաջ
David_Rice #NerdsComeOutToPlay
David_Rice #NerdsComeOutToPlay Տարի առաջ
You're an awesome inspirational funny guy Mr. Dunham. I just came across this video 🤣 I actually aspire to be part of the comedic and acting business someday and You're one of my inspirations to do so.
Marco Barila
Marco Barila Տարի առաջ
Dude I made a aswome choice of going there. My mom never saw u until we went to ur show, and she loves it!! I even got a peanut bubble head and a achmed bubble head!
Assassin X
Assassin X 2 տարի առաջ
NRN Gamer427
NRN Gamer427 2 տարի առաջ
I remember being there and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen...and it still is
Hayden Erickson
Hayden Erickson 2 տարի առաջ
PA!!!!!! I LIVE IN PA!!!!
A.Z. Fell
A.Z. Fell 2 տարի առաջ
Well your honor you have a lovely daughter, and im actually gay
Isa Rose
Isa Rose 2 տարի առաջ
Brooke is awesome
W K 10 ամիս առաջ
Fangirl2202 thank you!
Isabel Orellana
Isabel Orellana 2 տարի առաջ
I loved being there!it was my first show but it will be the first of many!♡♡
Lori McDivitt
Lori McDivitt 2 տարի առաջ
Love your videos and act with the guys Jeff! I wish I could see you live sometime! I laugh all the way through your videos I have seen!
laila1989ism 2 տարի առաջ
The audience was amazing 🙌🏻
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman 3 ամիս առաջ
And it helps that we won the Super Bowl the week before
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman Տարի առաջ
laila1989ism its Philadelphia of course the crowd was awesome
Zee Pulido
Zee Pulido 2 տարի առաջ
That, kids, is the perfect example of how you dig yourself a hole deeper and deeper into destination f*cked. You, Mr. Dunham, are a legend! This was effin golden!
Adrian the witch
Adrian the witch 2 տարի առաջ
that was awesome! i was there with my best friend Jackie! loved the new character btw!
Douglas Pacyon
Douglas Pacyon 2 տարի առաջ
Going to see J.D. in the big Buffalo in April.. to all U fans.. Peanut Rules!
WICowboy2k1 2 տարի առաջ
Still wish i could understand that last line of the ladt roses are red joke, as usual i think i laughed so hard i woke everyone up.
melinda Justice
melinda Justice 2 տարի առաջ
That's really not funny 😒 anyway love your puppets especially Achmed the Dead terrorist
Timothy Compton
Timothy Compton 2 տարի առաջ
Now if this was only a tv/Netflix special
Tyler Tinsley
Tyler Tinsley 2 տարի առաջ
I was there! You were spot on all day! Tbh I thought the new character didn’t flow well as the other characters and felt over exaggerated.
-Omega Zero-
-Omega Zero- 2 տարի առաջ
Je fa fa
ActiveDreamer1 2 տարի առաջ
That was frighteningly hillarious. I laughed until the tears were in my eyes.
Xlidingtonx _xox
Xlidingtonx _xox 2 տարի առաջ
Vickie Holder
Vickie Holder 2 տարի առաջ
Hi Walter love u u are awesome ❤️❤️
Angel Mora
Angel Mora 2 տարի առաջ
U are the best
Hannah Hopkins
Hannah Hopkins 2 տարի առաջ
Hi jeff how are you doing
Cat And
Cat And 2 տարի առաջ
Thomas Partin
Thomas Partin 2 տարի առաջ
Just when you think you've seen it all from comedians, Jeff Dunham once again sets the bar a lot higher. Brilliantly done Jeff Dunham. 😎
W K 10 ամիս առաջ
Thomas Partin it actually wasn’t staged lol
M0HAWK HMS 2 տարի առաջ
1 word STUPID !
Chraosulus 2 տարի առաջ
Good god you don’t do a video there they are gonna riot the streets
FlameTheFaithful 2 տարի առաջ
Omg 😂😂😂
Douglas Vitrano
Douglas Vitrano 2 տարի առաջ
Can't wait to see him in Sacramento on the 28th!!!!
Kanella Joan Sclavounos
Kanella Joan Sclavounos 2 տարի առաջ
My husband and I had a great time we finally got a chance to see you in person.Been watching your shows on comedy central for years!!!We love you.
A Shot of Whiskey
A Shot of Whiskey 2 տարի առաջ
To be fair, she looks like she'll be hot when she gets into her 20s.
Zac Hawkins
Zac Hawkins 2 տարի առաջ
A Shot of Whiskey Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Zac Hawkins
Zac Hawkins 2 տարի առաջ
A Shot of Whiskey...said the guy creeping on an underage girl...
A Shot of Whiskey
A Shot of Whiskey 2 տարի առաջ
Zac Hawkins Thanks for warning us about yourself.
Matt Gamble
Matt Gamble 2 տարի առաջ
tada wala
tada wala 2 տարի առաջ
Hire a cameraman.
drakke125 2 տարի առաջ
hi! what's your name? brooke! how old are you? 12! 12! Oh but don't worry, I'll be 13 in 10 days! .........................(am I supposed to respon...nvm..)
roya saifi
roya saifi 2 տարի առաջ
I was there and i had fun being there live. 💖💖
Kris A
Kris A 2 տարի առաջ
I'm no GREAT fan of American football, but congratulations Philadelphia Eagles. :)
dominick armstrong
dominick armstrong 2 տարի առաջ
I'm with Walter on this one we don't care about Valentines day
Lord Kowalsky
Lord Kowalsky 2 տարի առաջ
Quelqu'un peu en écrire la VOSTFR svp ? ^^
1987jeepyj 2 տարի առաջ
I'll be 13 in 10 days.......... what does your dad do he's a judge. Your honor I'm gay. I'm fucking dead
Maddisontdog 2 տարի առաջ
Don't worry Jeff, she didn't look 13, she was stunning.
W K 10 ամիս առաջ
Maddisontdog thank you!! I’m actually 14 now but I’ll still look younger
Asia Skorzewski
Asia Skorzewski 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff- "Well your honor, you have a lovely daughter and I'm actually gay soo." I watched you live and it was great. Jeff you may not read this comment but thank you for everything you have done you brought happyness into my life when ever I felt down or felt like no one wanted to listen to me. when I watched your videos you helped a lot with getting my spirit up especially achmed and peanut. Thank you and I continue to pray for you and your family.
Asia Skorzewski
Asia Skorzewski 2 տարի առաջ
you are great
Asia Skorzewski
Asia Skorzewski 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff Dunham is the best ventriloquist in my opinion and I love water.
k kaiser.
k kaiser. 2 տարի առաջ
I was here during it
Jason Harper
Jason Harper 2 տարի առաջ
L R 2 տարի առաջ
Where are the hello kitty humidifiers lol.
Brenda Kessler
Brenda Kessler 2 տարի առաջ
oh my gosh i'm dying I love the "he's a judge "poor jeff lmao to funny
Jonathan Barnett
Jonathan Barnett 2 տարի առաջ
great as always. should get good camera with a camera woman to help you do these
Connor L
Connor L 2 տարի առաջ
Great show yesterday! New dummy is dope!!!!!!!!!
demarc 2 տարի առաջ
Glad I was there
Nancy 2 տարի առաջ
That was funny
Karen Costanzo
Karen Costanzo 2 տարի առաջ
The crowd kept saying E-A-G-L-E-S - Eagles!!!! - and Jeff never got it, the entire show. Still had tears running down my face for most of the show.
stormwatcher59 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff - "Your wife will love that" Walter - "That was for my dog." I know how he feels! LOL
Randy Davis
Randy Davis 2 տարի առաջ
Thanks Jeff! Just seen you two weeks ago in Toledo!
Thomas Garven
Thomas Garven 2 տարի առաջ
Sound quality makes listening less than desired. Need a direct mic feed not recording from somewhere in the audience.
bboy Freestyler
bboy Freestyler 2 տարի առաջ
Happy Ending😂😂😂
Pete Lempa
Pete Lempa 2 տարի առաջ
Great Show!!! Been a fan forever. Our kids got us tickets as a Christmas gift. Thanks Kate, Allie, and Brian! And thanks, Jeff. Show was awesome! And thanks for making the AM-posts video. Now we have a memory we can look back on whenever we want!
Rob Roy
Rob Roy 2 տարի առաջ still got it....great show, cheers
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 2 տարի առաջ
ABNE = Anyone but New England "Even the Eagles"..........Sh_ _ , I feel sick now that I've said that.
Marie King-Stevason
Marie King-Stevason 2 տարի առաջ
Omg Jeff!! You and Walter just made my day!!! I laughed so hard I was crying!!!! Bubba J is awesome too!! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️Marie
FLAVXer 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff Dunhams career ended today...... that was good!
Bill Ellis
Bill Ellis 2 տարի առաջ
Best show I have seen... Was there with my son....Jeff...going to jail lol.
Howard Edwards
Howard Edwards 2 տարի առաջ
I like jeff
Chris Klipstein
Chris Klipstein 2 տարի առաջ
Me and my girlfriend can’t wait for your show in Pittsburgh on Valentine’s Day.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 2 տարի առաջ
I knew there was going to be comedian performing in Philidelphia for both the Valentines season and in honor of the Philidelphia Eagles winning the super bowl championship.
Mike calano
Mike calano 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff : what does your dad do for a living? Brook: He's a judge Me: Lmao
Internet Critic
Internet Critic 2 տարի առաջ
That was funny, jokes about pedophilia with a 12yo girl who turned out to be the kid of a judge 🤣🤣🤣
Atari Kobayashi
Atari Kobayashi 2 տարի առաջ
Am lonely
Angela 2 տարի առաջ
Valentines is not great if your singles like me. but it's great for other people I guess
Kyle Shores
Kyle Shores 2 տարի առաջ
Screw Philadelphia and the eagles....
stormwatcher59 2 տարի առաջ
vduncan ~ exactly!!! :-D
vduncan54 2 տարի առաջ
I wasn't interested in the Super Bowl but when I heard Eagles were playing Patriots...I became an Eagles fan!! Glad they took Brady down!! 😂😂😂😎
Atari Kobayashi
Atari Kobayashi 2 տարի առաջ
Kyle Shores *SALTY MUCH*
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 2 տարի առաջ
awesome show..!!
Nick Gagnon
Nick Gagnon 2 տարի առաջ
Happy VD!
Jay Yanchik
Jay Yanchik 2 տարի առաջ
Greetings from West Pittston Pa!
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 2 տարի առաջ
Isn't there anyone that knows to turn their phone sideways. Unbelievable.
Gale Andrews
Gale Andrews 2 տարի առաջ
So cute with the judge's daughter! LOL..My granddaughter is 12...and my grandson is 7..I would love Bubba for him..but not later..
Seltzer Water
Seltzer Water 2 տարի առաջ
Great show, I got to watch it.
Rich ie
Rich ie 2 տարի առաջ
Turn your phone next time, better video
RTM2301 2 տարի առաջ
If Brooke is 13 in 10 days, she was born on a Monday.
W K 10 ամիս առաջ
RTM2301 yes, I was born on a Monday. Actually it was Presidents’ Day lol
Vicky Heyde
Vicky Heyde 2 տարի առաջ
You sir are hilarious keep it up wish I was there
Francesca 2 տարի առաջ
Where is Peanut !!!!!
Austin 555555
Austin 555555 2 տարի առաջ
More Netflix specials?
Drew Wittman
Drew Wittman 2 տարի առաջ
Purrrrrrdeeeee gooooooooood Jeff
Landon Ashby
Landon Ashby 2 տարի առաջ
Love seeing you as you're funny as hell. Next time can you hold the phone sideways? It really makes a better video.
Tam Lewis
Tam Lewis 2 տարի առաջ
Cone back to Allentown PA
Tam Lewis
Tam Lewis 2 տարի առաջ
Joey Hightower
Joey Hightower 2 տարի առաջ
Great show Today Jeff
jason goodman
jason goodman 2 տարի առաջ
I wish i was there
alydhiends 2 տարի առաջ
Where's Peanut? :D
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman 2 տարի առաջ
3rdandlong 38
3rdandlong 38 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff- my wife and I were at your show. I’ve been watching you for years on AM-posts and on Comedy Central this is my first time going to one of your shows. You were hysterical and it was a pleasure to be in attendance
1964 2 տարի առաջ
Hi Jeff - first show of yours I've ever seen live & you guys did not disappoint!! Love the new addition to the fam, Bob! And I hope Peanut is recovering from his "accident"... but that was frickin' hilarious!
Dakota Carlton
Dakota Carlton 2 տարի առաջ
Ironic isn’t it infidel!?! Lmao Achmed is one of my favorites!
Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard 2 տարի առաջ
Sorry I missed u I love u Jeff love hugs God bless u always
Knee Capitator
Knee Capitator 2 տարի առաջ
I was there and it was even better live
Epicsaxguy1080p 2 տարի առաջ
stormwatcher59 2 տարի առաջ
Fly Eagles Fly!!!
Rufo Barriga
Rufo Barriga 2 տարի առաջ
hi waiter and Jeff
Robert 2 տարի առաջ
Pretty funny upstaged by a 12 year old lolol
Allan C-B
Allan C-B 2 տարի առաջ
Jeff you need to take Peanut's shoe out of your mouth! LOL
Khalid Henry
Khalid Henry 2 տարի առաջ
I HATE Valentine's Day. I could never get a date or a gift.☠
Proudsoul1 2 տարի առաջ
Khalid Henry many change your name to John
Josh Der'Coomer
Josh Der'Coomer 2 տարի առաջ
Ha! Virgins!
Irish Emo Girl
Irish Emo Girl 2 տարի առաջ
Khalid Henry I'm the exact same. Will you marry me?
Colt Dunlap
Colt Dunlap 2 տարի առաջ
I was born on the woodlands yay Texas
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